Welcome to Stevens County United! Located in Stevens County, Washington, this group began as a way to help support our local community members when needs arise.

It is privately run and managed with full transparency. We just want to help facilitate a connection between those in need and those who are able to help.

Whether you have a need or are able to help, you can reach us via the Contact page and we will make things happen.

If you’d like to donate now, you can head over to our fundraiser and add funds. We disburse those as needed when a member of our community comes to us with a need. Donations can be made in person in Colville – contact us here to arrange that.


Stevens County United began when two friends, Lauren and Megan, reached out to each other on October 18, 2021 as our friends and community members began facing job losses. Sure that the community could come together to support its own, we began arranging monthly meetings to work together and brainstorm solutions.

Stay in Touch

We have a Facebook group you’re welcome to join and engage with our community members. Also, please feel free to sign up to our newsletter where we post monthly updates–occasionally more when a specific need arises–and meeting minutes so you can stay in the loop on what’s happening.

Together, we can build a strong, resilient community to weather any storm!